We conjured up a ton of our frequently asked questions (already!) to give you the ultimate transparency.

I saw you just started to carry fine jewelry and engagement rings! Are you going to expand your collection?

YES! We're so excited to enter this part of the jewelry world. As a one-woman shop, it's a pricey venture, however my biggest goal with engagement rings is to offer the BEST quality engagement rings without the hefty cost of all these other companies. For now, we're working on building our collection and you're always welcome to send us an email so you can check by directly with the owner via our showcase. 

Can you educate me on cut and clarity of a moissanite and a diamond? I'm a little confused.

Here's the easiest way to put it. Colors are categorized like letters of the alphabet: DEF, GHI, and so forth. D, E, & F are completely colorless and G, H, & I are near colorless (also more economical). There are other colors, but we won't get into that since we don't carry other colors.

Clarity is another thing to also be mindful of if you're choosing to go with a diamond - lab or natural. This is how they're categorized:

FL - Flawless

IF - Internally Flawless

VVS1 - Very Very Slightly Included 1

VVS2 - Very Very Slightly Included 2

SI1 - Slightly Included 1

SI2 - Slightly Included 2

There are also included diamonds, but we choose to not carry those here. At MAIA + LYRA, we choose to use lab diamonds in the VVS1/VVS2 category due to them looking amazing and being the most economical. If you're wanting to customize the ring you see with a different diamond, we can always do a custom order!

Are your pieces safe for sensitive skin?

Yes, absolutely! Our current selection of jewelry is of the highest quality, ensuring that each piece you wear is in comfort. You can look at each item individually for material details. 



Have any other questions for us? Please feel free to email us at hello@maialyra.com!